Tree Removal – Things To Consider

Not all kinds of “removal” are created equal. There are good kinds of removal, and there are bad ones. Removing your vices, though hard, will benefit you, and is a good kind of removal. Removing a loyal friend from your “friends list” just because he/she made a tasteless but harmless joke is an example of the bad kind of removal.

Removal of trees can also be classified into good or bad. Trees are very beneficial to us and our environment, but there are times where the tree is simply in the way of something else that’s more beneficial. There are even times when the tree is straight up harmful, like if a tall tree has some big, heavy fruits and can cause accidents if the fruits fall.

Tree removal is usually done by professional arborists. This is because tree removal is very difficult without the right tools and knowledge, and can even bring harm to you, to people around or your property. There are even people who wound up doing more damage to the area than when the tree is still there while performing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tree removal.

DIY Tree Removal

If you think that you have to do it yourself if you want the task done right, then here are some things you should first consider.


Is it safe to do the DIY tree removal? Is the tree that you’re about to remove too tall? You know that a tree is too tall for you to safely remove by yourself if you have to use a ladder to reach its big branches (also known as limbs). So many things could go south if you cut a tree that’s too tall. Additionally, if a tree is that tall, it’s also probably quite thick. If the tree is not safe enough to remove by yourself, then by all means abandon the idea of DIY tree removal.


You should also make sure that it’s legal to remove the tree before you do it. Don’t just go removing trees from your neighbors without their permission, or those that might be protected by the government.

Equipment Preparedness

Do you have the necessary stuff to do the removal?

You need the proper saws in order to cut down trees. Examples of these are crosscut saws, chainsaws or rope chain saws (yes, they’re different). They have to be well-maintained and functional, otherwise they might cause damage to you or those helping you out first before even being able to finish cutting the tree.

You also need to have something to remove the stump that was left behind after cutting the tree. Sure, you can leave it as is, but it might become another source of problems as there may be pests that would call it home later. You’d need heavy equipment to remove the stump or something else to grind it. If you don’t have either one of those, then you should consider the possibility of pests living in the left-out stump.

Think It Over

If you find that you’re alright with all these things, then you can go ahead and do the tree removal yourself. If some of the things to be prepared has caused you to pause and have second thoughts, then it might be better to hand it to the expert tree removers Hobart. Professional arborists will be more than happy to remove problematic trees for you.