Why Clean Your Carpet?

If you’re reading this, I would assume here that you have a carpet, or at the very least want something to learn about carpets. Almost everyone would love to have a carpet. I mean, why not? They’re soft and warm on your feet, they look good, and there might be a possibility that the carpet you bought could fly. Carpets are great at covering the floor and making things look and feel better.

However, that’s only the case when the carpet is clean. If you notice, stains and dirt will make it look a lot worse and even reduce the comfortable feeling you have when stepping on a carpet. A dirty carpet is also a paradise for bacteria, allergen and other harmful stuff. Additionally, dirt and stains will damage the carpet itself. It will cause more harm than good if your carpet is dirty.

If you like your carpet and don’t want you or the people around you to deal with the negatives of having a dirty carpet, then it’s best to clean your carpet. You can do it yourself or you can ask professional cleaners to do the job for you. If you opt to ask for help, there are two kinds of carpet cleaning that they usually offer: Dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning? Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Both start off with a pre-cleaning vacuum. Professionals use industrial-grade vacuums to remove dust and other stuff that are removable through vacuuming. The difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning becomes clear when we look at what happens after the pre-cleaning vacuum. Whatever is not removed through vacuuming will most likely be removed after these two.

Dry Cleaning

There are many ways to do dry carpet cleaning, but the most common method is using dry powder. The idea here is using a chemical compound and sprinkling it over the carpet to encapsulate or absorb dirt and other kinds of soiling after a period of time. Yes, it’s sprinkling, not powdering, as although its name is dry powder, the compound still contains a very small amount of water. After being given some time to dry, it is then vacuumed once again to remove the encapsulated or absorbed dirt.

Since there is only very little water used, it only takes a very little time to dry, making it very practical and quick to perform. Dry cleaning is mostly done on office or hotel carpets where there are always people present, making it difficult for you if you want to clean the carpet for a longer time.

Steam Cleaning

On the other hand, steam carpet cleaning cleans more thoroughly than dry cleaning. With this method, a cleaning compound is sprayed onto the carpet which is then followed with hot water spraying. After a while, a machine sucks up the hot water, the compound and the dirt back up.

While this method gives a deeper clean than dry carpet cleaning, it will definitely keep the carpet wet for a much longer time. You have to stay off the carpet during that time, making it less ideal for places that constantly have people around. There are also times when the carpet becomes damaged due to it being way too wet.

What’s Important

These two methods are the most common methods used by professional carpet cleaners. Picking one of the two will depend on you and your circumstances, but whichever one you choose, the important thing is that your carpet will be cleaned and you, your loved ones and your carpet will be protected.