Why Clean Your Gutters?

There are only a few times that one is told to clean his gutters. And most of those times, it’s already too late and the clogged gutter has already done its damage. Most probably, the roof is already leaking due to damage, or rainwater comes flooding in after it has accumulated on the roof. Maybe there were already pests living inside the gutters or on small puddles created by the overflowing water. A small crack in the fortress that we call “home” has made a really big problem. If you want to avoid bigger problems caused by clogged gutters, then you have to clean them.

Sun Tzu’s Art of (War) Cleaning The Gutters

For best results, you can ask a professional gutter cleaner to do the job. However, if you prefer to get down and get dirty to clean the gutter, then here are some tips (courtesy of Sun Tzu) that you can follow:

Know Yourself, Know Your (Enemy) Gutter

According to Sun Tzu, if you know yourself and your enemy, you will win all your battles. In the same way, if you know what you have and what you are facing, then you will be able to clean all your gutters. Is there anything that can help you reach the highest point of the gutter? Do you know where the clog is? Additionally, what is clogging the gutter? How clogged up is it? Do you have the necessary tools to clean the gutter?

Victorious People Win First And Then Go To (War) Cleaning

Be prepared for anything and everything that will happen when cleaning time comes.

You should get a good, sturdy ladder if you can’t get to the top of the gutter through other means. Also, be careful when setting up a ladder. The usefulness of the ladder is also dependent on where it is set up on, so be careful of soft soil and random pebbles that can make your ladder slip.

You should prepare your cleaning equipment as well as your attire. Be ready with gloves and strong work pants. If needed, use upper attire that can cover your arms. Sometimes, it is necessary to wear something to shield your face, or at least your eyes. Get your power washer or leaf blower ready, depending on what is clogging the gutter up.

If The (Enemy) Gutter Is Superior, Evade

Later on, if you realize that you just don’t have the things that can help you clean the gutter, or perhaps, you actually can’t stand to do the work yourself due to whatever reason (like if your phobia of rats kicked in when you found them while looking where the clogged area is), then you can hire someone else to do the job. Professional gutter cleaners can do the job really well. Another interesting alternative are gutter cleaning robots. You can let them do the cleaning for you, so there’s no reason to not have clean gutters.

Concluding Thoughts

A clean gutter is a safe gutter, and a safe gutter will lessen your worries. You can forget about all the additional expenses if they don’t happen in the first place. You, your family and your home are safer when the gutters are clean. You can do it yourself, or you can make someone (or something) else to do the cleaning for you. Gutter cleaning is necessary and beneficial, and should be done every once in a while or when needed.